How to boost your Social Media with these 7 game-changing tips!

With more than 3 billion global social media users in 2019, businesses can’t afford to ignore the opportunity to build larger audiences online. Regardless of the growth in users, few have achieved as much success on social media

1. Act like the Media

Acting like a media company requires you sharing relevant content that will either inform or entertain your audience. You need to be very attentive in sharing out informational videos, articles, quotes, and audio clips for entrepreneurs across all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. An example of this would be celebrity Kylie Jenner, the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie mixes up her product photos with a wide range of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts to enable her audience to constantly chase the ‘dream life’ of an Instagram influencer. This creates a highly engaged audience that helps Jenner sell out of her makeup within minutes. Entrepreneurs frequently make the mistake of only posting about their own products or services but acting like a media company requires creating content that is always both creative and relevant without being overly promotional.

2. Get creative with your content and start reusing.

Start reusing your long-form content and turn it into “micro-content” that can be shared across a variety of platforms. Business owners are busy, so taking the time to create quality content can sometimes be difficult. By reusing content, they can save both time and effort.

3. Give your Audience value before asking for anything in return

Entrepreneurs can provide value in the form of free content to build trust with potential customers. Celebrity author Tim Ferriss gives away much of his knowledge for free before asking for book sales in return. He provides value to his audience through content on his blog, social media accounts, and podcast. This helps him grow his following, build trust with his audience and establish authority as a self-development expert.

4. Be as authentic as possible.

There can be pressure to compete on social media. People and corporations often showcase the highlight reels of their life or business online to make it look like they have it all. With a commitment to authenticity, entrepreneurs get a chance to display what makes them and their business different from the rest.

5. Reply to as many comments and messages as you can.

The volume of comments and messages that some influencers receive can be overwhelming. Entrepreneurs can reply to the comments and messages they receive as a form of high-quality customer service.

6. Hustle harder than your competition.

There are many factors in business and social media that entrepreneurs cannot control, but the one thing that they are completely responsible for is the work that they put in. Many entrepreneurs won’t put in the time and effort necessary to become influential online. It takes a significant amount of work to create content, distribute that content across multiple platforms and engage with other social media users every day. This is where entrepreneurs who are willing to hustle can succeed.

7. Play the long-term game.

Business owners must make sure to stay committed to their long-term vision despite the distraction of opportunities that may arise online. Finally, know that building a brand on social media takes time, patience and consistency. If you haven’t already, start growing your business with social media today using these seven game-changing tips.

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